For the past decade, I have been active in business, design, and startups. By the age of 18, I knew that design was my passion.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, with Portuguese roots. I successfully finished my design studies in Rotterdam. During my study, at the age of 20, I launched my first business and have since worked with clients and startups all over the world.

I specialize in designing and developing user interfaces and digital products. I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, marketing, and business is where I feel I excel. Design should translate into economic value for the products/services of your business.

Through research and insight into the audiences your business is serving, I can help to identify the values of your target clients. Then, by developing branded aesthetics and the right marketing strategy, your audience will enjoy the best user experience. Read more about the process.

During my career, I have taught myself to code in front-end languages. This allows me to put my marketing vision in place exactly as I have it in my head. I know the possibilities and restrictions of user interfaces and I know how to operate in teams.

On a personal level: I’m a passionate Crossfitter, have a wonderful wife, daughter and dog and love to work on side-projects which enhance people’s lifestyle & health.